Why Cresting Wave?

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Why Cresting Wave?

Dana M says…” All my life the written word has been front-and-center. My mother was a very talented writer. She also read voraciously. We always had stacks and stacks of books around the house. She and I were determined to read every book in the Merced, California library back in the day. We darn near made it, too!

In high school I took every English class I could lay my hands on, while simultaneously taking college-level courses at night, including, yep, English.

For about 4 years I was an editor for a technical magazine in the mid-90s. And wrote multiple books and instructional videos on a variety of technical topics.

The net-net of all of this is the energy of producing the written word has been building in me across my life.

Now that I have a bit more time of focus on working with other writers to help get their books into the zeitgeist, it feels like the wave, my wave, of writing, reading … and now publishing… is cresting.”