Sand, Surf and Scribbles, The Perfect Retreat

Sand, Surf and Scribbles, The Perfect Retreat

Sand, Surf and Scribbles

Why a Beachfront Villa could be the Perfect Writer’s Retreat

By Abigail Elizabeth Nel

Every writer dreams of escaping the daily grind for a bit of peace and quiet to focus on their craft, and when you finally decide to turn that dream into a reality, you will quickly find out that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of different retreats offered across the globe, each welcoming fellow authors with open arms.

If you are finding it difficult to know where to begin in your search for the perfect writer’s retreat, here are four reasons why you might like to consider a beachfront villa as your next inspiration destination.

It promises peace and quiet

Most beachfront villas are located on a relaxed, sandy beach away from the hustle and bustle of the city, giving you your own little haven of calm. It is the perfect spot for collecting your thoughts and concentrating on your writing, with nothing but the sound of the waves crashing onto the shore outside your window. No traffic noise, loud house parties or screaming neighbors to be heard!

It is a great source of inspiration

The ocean is a classic source of inspiration, and somehow, words just seem to flow that little bit easier when they are guided by the ebb and flow of the tide. In his poem The Dry Salvages, T. S. Eliot muses that “we cannot think of a time that is oceanless”, which can be interpreted as saying that the ocean is intrinsically related to all aspects of our lives. It is only natural that the simple presence of the ocean should help you to return to your fundamental purpose of writing – and it may provide the perfect backdrop for creating your next masterpiece.

It gives you flexibility

If you are looking to go on your own writer’s retreat rather than booking with a retreat organizer, a beachfront villa is one of the most versatile options you could choose. You can take your pick of destination, whether that’s an hour’s drive away or in another country entirely. If there is a beach, you are set!

Plus, there are plenty of different price ranges and property types to choose from. Whether you are after a rustic one-bedroom shack or a luxurious seaside resort, online accommodation marketplaces like Airbnb and will help you find your perfect beachfront villa, based on your ideal price and property type. Simply type in your budget, choose a date range, and see what is out there! (Top tip – this is also a great way to decide on a location, if you are up for an adventure and are prepared to see where the search results might take you.)

It is perfect for relaxing

It is no secret that the beach is a top travel destination for when a relaxing vacation is in the cards, and having your writer’s retreat at a beachfront villa will afford you the opportunity to have plenty of ‘me’ time. Think walks along the sand, morning dips in the ocean, and a glass of wine after a day’s writing as you watch the ocean set from the comfort of your very own oasis… What more could you want?

Of course, you are there for the purpose of writing, but you should definitely try and make the most of it while you can – and chances are, you’ll find that taking the time to relax and enjoy your surroundings will make your writing time even more productive. It is a win-win.

So, with that, why not take a look at the hundreds of beachfront villas that are waiting out there for you? You might find your dream retreat location.