The Power of the Emerald Ring
By Mark Even


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Follow Mandy Mandez and her extended family as they embrace their new-found magical powers! While their wizard mentor, J.T., helps the young witches discover and hone their unique skills, the family dives into a crisis and saves a group of firemen trapped in an inferno! Then as they debate when and how to use their powers to help the world, the family finds an ally inside the F.B.I. and begin to leverage their magic to fight crime!

That is until, unknowingly, they encounter a wizard whose own magical force is committed to pure evil! He battles the family in support of his unquenchable thirst for power and money. When Mandy is taken prisoner by this evil wizard, she has to try and withstand his power or succumb to the temptation of becoming even more powerful as a dark wizard herself. Witches. Wizards. A dragon! And a whole world in danger!

The Power of the Emerald Ring is the second book in the Dragonstone Story series by multi-award-winning author, Mark Even. The first book, The Wonders of the Peculiar Parasol has earned multiple awards and great reviews. /*

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