The Choices:
By Alan Moss

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Love, hate, revenge, and a quest for a fortune in ancient diamonds provide the action and emotion for this thriller, with elements of science fiction, suspense, romance, crime story, adventure, and political commentary. Join the treasure hunt with a Ph.D. geology student, a university IT expert, a spurned financier, and a grieving husband. Add in a wounded golden retriever and a flash drive of unknown origin.

What are they seeking?

Hidden diamonds in Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula created by the Chicxulub asteroid millions of years ago. The action spans three continents and six nations, offering colorful backdrops for a race to an unprecedented fortune in diamonds.

The Choices is a multifaceted read that is a delight to pursue. Just when you think you know its intentions and purposes, everything changes yet again. While this atmosphere may stymie those who want action alone, it’s the perfect formula for attracting an audience that appreciates higher-level thinking and more engrossing situations than the usual thriller story provides.” – D. Donovan, Midwest Book Review. /*

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