Know Your Pig

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An easily read book which quickly demonstrates in a humorous way how to communicate and manage men based on tools and techniques that work for them.

The book also includes information on several approaches in communication from the male perspective and how to utilize these techniques and why these simple methods work so well for men. The book is brief, to the point with simple language, and best of all…it works and is fun.

This book is a direct result of requests, appeals, and pleas of “You two need to write this stuff down!” from male and female friends, co-workers, and relatives who have listened to Michael Coogan and William Burton discuss their experiences, hilarious stories, advice, philosophies, and epiphanies about the relationships between women and men.

Moreover, as well-qualified Pigs themselves – and following years of watching, studying, and living this topic – Mr. Coogan and Mr. Burton finally wrote THE book on this confounding subject – Know Your Pig!


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