Badass Pix With A Cheap-Ass Camera
By Annie Mack

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Badass and Badass Pix is not a genre. It’s an attitude, an approach, a vibe. More than anything, it’s Art Photography, which is a h-u-g-e and diverse categorization. It’s you being a photoartist, not just a photographer. It’s having the self-confidence to take risks, break the rules, and venture outside norms. It’s rebellion! Anarchy! A fight for freedom! But you know: without jail time, a rap sheet, a prison tattoo, or stitches.

Badass can be photojournalism, scenery, portraits. It is fun to screw around with all of those and add twists that baffle viewers. Badass is futzing around outside the boundaries of technology, good taste, or conventional artistic theory. Badass uses your tools, skills, and heart to make Art — not just ‘nice’ photos. Badass Pix are squinted at, disqualified from contests, or vaguely labeled “mixed media,” “digital graphics,” or “weird sh*t.”

Most of the work I call Badass, illustrated here, is found-art photography, which more-or-less means art made by recording the image as one finds it. Simply, as is. Now I can imagine you saying, “Well, duh, that’s pretty much all photography, now isn’t it?” Not really: here’s some help. Badass is trying to find images that most people miss or never see at all because it takes imagination (some might say awareness. Or both) to recognize them. /*

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