Ambition: The Missing Attribute in Your Employees

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The world is evolving at lightning speed.  Every aspect of life reflects new scientific discoveries, changes in our political landscape, and jaw-dropping technological advancements.  One part of contemporary life which has not changed much — is our focus on education. Education is failing us.

Education is the primary driver for acquiring… ambition. Ambition is what motivates us to want to achieve more, for ourselves and for those with whom we work.  So it is we must learn to learn better, and faster.

As employees, we have a responsibility to our employer to keep our skills sharp.  Conversely, as employers we have a responsibility to make sure our employees have continuous access to learning which will enable them to perform at their best.  How do we do that? That is where this book comes in.

“Ambition: The Missing Attribute in Your Employees” outlines practical and straightforward solutions that can be implemented by anyone or any organization… quickly.  With a few simple tweaks to your existing culture, you will be well on your way to exceeding organizational goals with ambitious employees who seek to improve their own performance and thus improve the performance of your organization.


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