Essential Elements of a Story

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Essential Elements of a Story


By Jennifer of Sterling Content


Stories need to catch the attention of the readers; and for that, it is necessary to have these five elements.

A protagonist

This is the main lead of your story. He/she has admirable qualities, and the readers should empathize with the character and be in favor of it.

An antagonist

This is the one who troubles the protagonist. Often known as the villain, he/she troubles and contradicts the hero of your story and is never a favorite of the readers.

An engaging introduction

The beginning of your story must bring your characters into action. The first few chapters of the book go into an inciting action and this is where you introduce your characters and their actions to your readers.

Drama and conflicts

This is all about the story. This includes any thrill, drama, fights and all the possible genres and directions of a story. It shows clashes between the hero and the villain and is the actual base of your story.

A resolution

This is also called the climax of the story where you tell your readers who wins. The victory of good over evil or any sort of ending that you prefer.

Without these five elements, a story is never complete and the success of your story greatly depends on the individual success of these elements.



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