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Interesting Reads

Cooking for Mr. Right, Susan Volland – “I’m sitting on the edge of the tub with my feet in the toilet, banging my head with the cordless phone and vowing to make some serious changes in my life. Gaston just called to tell me he is getting married.” 

This book was a brilliant read. Kate Linden can’t stomach that her ex-boyfriend (Gaston) will be marrying a southern teacher, she’s sick of her job at the restaurant, and just when she thinks she has her life figured out, she doesn’t. Or does she? 

Life in a Medieval Village, Frances Gies and Joseph Gies – “In the District of Huntingdon there is a certain village to which far-distant antiquity gave the name of Aethelintone, wrote the twelfth-century monk who chronicled the history of Ramsey Abbey, ‘on a most beautiful site, provided with a course of waters, in a pleasant plain of meadows with abundant grazing for cattle, and rich in fertile fields.’”

Who doesn’t want to know what life was like in the Middle Ages? About their diet, their clothes, personal hygiene (or lack thereof?), the role of the church and their society? Seems to be well researched, and fascinating.

Be Nice (or Else!) and what’s in it for you, Winn Claybaugh (with a foreword by Larry King) – “As a motivational speaker on the road for many years, I used to beat around the bush in my seminars when it came to the topic of creating a better work environment on a happier home life. I’d preach the same words that had been passed down from generation to generation at every ‘rah-rah’ seminar ever held, sidestepping the issue by encouraging my audience to just ‘Be Positive’ or ‘Have a good attitude.’”

Practical, and easy to read. Start by being nice to yourself.