Our authors come from a wide variety of backgrounds, locations, and writing styles. For more information, click the author’s name.


Kris Neely

A professional writer since 1992, Mr. Neely is has been a magazine writer, a magazine columnist, a newsletter editor, a magazine editor-in-chief, and the author of almost a dozen books. He is co-author of the upcoming 365 Days (and Nights) of Shakespeare’s Love and The Worm Angler’s Handbook.

Kris also teaches improv (he’s a Second City Chicago alum) and is an award-winning theater actor / director focused on directing comedy.

He began studying Zen after his mother plopped him by a TV at age 10 or 11, and made him watch a program featuring Zen teacher Alan Watts.

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Michael Coogan

Michael Coogan is a former high-tech V.P. of Sales who has worked for several software and hardware start-ups in Silicon Valley as well as for IBM.

He is a co-author of a humor book for women that involved interviewing hundreds of people… and pigs. Michael is a professional speaker, a popular radio guest, and veteran of hundreds of interviews.

A world traveler, he has flown over 3+ million miles visiting 258 cities across Europe, Asia, & Australia.


Norman B. Schwartz

Born and raised in Greenwich Village, Norman B. Schwartz studied painting at the High School of Music and Art, directing/editing with Haig Manoogian at NYU, and acting with Sanford Meisner in Los Angeles.

He spent 50+ years as an editor and director in theatre and film in New York, Hollywood, Rome, Paris and London, and was the first ADR sound editor and director ever admitted to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Norman has taught writing, directing and acting for 20+ years in the U.S.A., France, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Nigeria and the UAE.


Colin R. James

Colin James, an Englishman by birth and a Yorkshireman by the grace of the gods, emigrated to the U.S back in 2001.

After various junctures in New Mexico and New York he has settled in Arizona.

The career path he has followed has taken him from the ranks of the British Army (R.E.M.E.) to the tops of Austrian mountains as a ski guide.

He currently runs a successful solar panel cleaning business in sunny Phoenix, AZ. He is a writer, author, and blogger.


Mark M. Even

After nearly 40 years at IBM, and based on his love of comic books, superheroes, science fiction and Harry Potter, Mr. Even took to writing books for his grandchildren’s enjoyment. 

His niece inspired him with her children’s game of make-believe travel and vivid details of those adventures.

Me. Even resides in Minnesota with his wife, both of whom are adjusting nicely to the trials and tribulations of being fully retired…


Missy Hagen

Missy Hagen came to children’s book writing and illustrating after an eclectic career in fields that seemed to predict such destiny.

She has a BA in Elementary Education from Cornell College, spent some years in corporate technical writing, built a popular aerobic dance program in the eighties, raising three children all before returning to college for web and graphic design.

Missy combined her teaching, technical, and design skills as Educational Technology Director for Rochester Community & Technical College for 10+ years.


Mike McCarthy

Col. Michael McCarthy, USAF, retired was born in Auburn, NY and enlisted in the Air Force in 1962 after graduating from the University of Miami.

He completed his pilot training in Laredo, TX and was assigned as an F4 Phantom pilot to the 8th Tactical Fighter Wing at Ubon Royal Thai Air Base during Vietnam. He flew 124 missions in ’67/68, earning him the Distinguished Flying Cross. Post Vietnam, he met Linda, his wife.


Rachel Nee Hall

Rachel Nee Hall is a veteran TV Director and Producer.  As a member of the Directors Guild of America for nearly 20 years, she has directed and produced countless television shows, including Dr. Phil, Entertainment Tonight, The New Ricki Lake Show, The Doctors, and Iyanla; Fix My Life for The Oprah Winfrey Network.

Rachel also spent years in front of the camera honing her writing and producing skills as a news anchor, reporter, and producer for CBS-owned and operated news stations across the country.  


Angie Swetland

After graduating from Luther College, Angie Swetland’s first job was as an Activity Director in a small-town nursing home. Over 40 years later, she retired from her position as Corporate Director of Customer Relations at Presbyterian Homes and Services (PHS).

Currently, she serves on the Board of Directors of Our Lady of Peace Hospice and Home and facilitates a Dementia Caregiver Support Group at Easter Lutheran Church.

Angie enjoys public speaking and has spoken at the annual Meetings of Leading Age of Minnesota, Leading Age (national), and at the Alzheimer’s Association National Dementia Care Conference.


Chris Maltby

Chris Maltby is an actor, singer, playwright, director and digital photographer – basically an all-around artistic dude.

As a performer, he has appeared across the US from Seattle to Great Falls to New York to San Francisco.

For the past ten years he has lived in San Francisco, working primarily with Left Coast Theatre Co. His play Happily Ever After was made into a short film in 2015.

Mr. Maltby and his camera are, as one might imagine, practically inseparable.


Dick Edwards

Dick Edwards has worked closely with older adults and their families for thirty-six years.

For 20 years he was administrator of the Mayo Clinic’s highly acclaimed retirement living community, Charter House, in Rochester, Minnesota. Dick’s expertise and leadership in eldercare has been recognized by Mayo Clinic and LeadingAge Minnesota, with its Lifetime Achievement Award.

Dick has traveled across the country extensively speaking with over 130 audiences of appreciative adult children dealing with the issues and concerns of their aging parents.

Dick and his wife, Pat, have three children and six grandchildren.


Cheryl Johnson

Cheryl Johnson is a performance solution specialist with 20+ years of experience in coaching, learning, development, and workplace training performance.

With her pioneering attitude, she has made substantial contributions in the area of learning with an emphasis on behavioral change. She has dedicated her life to developing learning solutions that drive performance at work and in one’s personal life.

Ms. Johnson has been actively involved in writing about the future of learning and delivering workshops to prepare interested instructional designers for the coming tsunami of change in the learning world.


Richard Coulson

Born January 8, 1931, Mr Coulson was by profession a Wall Street lawyer, an international investment banker, a Korean War hero, a financial consultant, a magazine, newspaper and book author, a columnist, a husband, a father, and most prized of all: a grandfather.

He was also a cherished friend to the people of The Bahamas. Dick added in immeasurable ways to the development of Bahamian commercial culture and its place in center stage of offshore finance.

Bahamian Minister of Education Jeffrey Lloyd called Dick Coulson “one of the greatest financial minds this country has ever known.”


Annie Mack

Annie Mack is a photo artist and social activist.

In her previous life as a history teacher, she encouraged thousands of students and teachers to pursue social justice and create personal BadAssery.

Her photography was a prizewinner in the 2015 Dave Brubeck Jazz Festival (visual art competition) of the University of the Pacific, and she’s picked up a few other awards and notoriety along the way.

She lives in northern California with her husband, son and their dog Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Jr.


Gary Evans

Gary Evans is a communicator with a knack for writing and marketing.

He knows football. Especially Detroit Lions football. He knows Lions fans, as a lifetime resident of Michigan.

He has expertise in Software and Program Design and Management.

Currently Mr. Evans is a Veterinary Clinic Head in Ann Arbor, Michigan.


William Burton

After a long, successful career as a senior corporate executive in high technology and corporate aviation, William Burton picked up his pen and rediscovered a love of writing.

His years in business provide him with a unique perspective on human behavior as well as the politics inherent in the corporate structure.

He tells a good story and tells it well in a style that keeps the reader turning pages long into the night.

Mr. Burton is retired and living in Arizona.


Alan Moss

Alan L Moss, Ph. D. is a unique and emerging voice in commercial fiction.

His experience as a Congressional Fellow in the U.S. Senate, agency Chief Economist, and expert witness has provided him with a background rich with provocative contacts and compelling issues.

His published novels spin sophisticated tales of conspiracy, politics, adventure, love, sex, revenge, and subterfuge.

His protagonists are educated people driven to reach outside their routine environments to oppose forces that are far superior.


Jim Utsler

Mr. Utsler has been a professional writer for more than 30 years.

Most recently, he’s been covering the tech and science beats for several print and online publications.

He graduated with a degree in Creative Writing from the University of Michigan.

To this day, he continues to live near his alma mater with his wife, Deanna.


John Van Camp

John Van Camp is a lifelong Disney fan, enthusiast, and former Cast Member of The Walt Disney Studios.

As a youth, John and his family made annual “pilgrimages” to Disneyland for vacations. His Disneyland focus continued even after moving to Southern California in his 30s to work for The Walt Disney Company as Director of Affiliate Relations at Buena Vista Television, the then syndicated arm of Walt Disney Studios.

During this time, he shared projects with the Theme Park, Publishing, Interactive, Home Video, and Disney Stores divisions to promote ongoing television projects culminating with the 1990s hit animated programming block The Disney Afternoon.


Cheryl Hunter

As a ranch-raised Colorado cowgirl, Cheryl Hunter didn’t set out with a message to share. While traveling abroad as a teenager, she was kidnapped, held captive, tortured, and left for dead.

Through her books and workshops, Cheryl used that experience to help others learn how to rise above adversity.

In addition to writing TV and film for HBO, CBS, Paramount Pictures, and NBC, Cheryl helps mission-driven experts share her message worldwide on such outlets as Dr. Phil, CNN, Fox, PBS, NBC News, Dr. Oz, People Magazine, Goalcast, and more.

Greenhorn is Cheryl’s debut young adult novel.

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