Activities from “Harrison Waits”

By Laura Herrera

Now that the weather is starting to resemble spring (depending on your location, of course), kids who have been cooped up too long are wanting to explore outside, enjoy the sunshine, and maybe even see their friends.

Missy Hagen, wrote and illustrated her book, Harrison Waits, because of her grandson. “My son called with the news of our grandson’s impending name selection. When he exclaimed ‘Harrison’– I immediately gushed….moments later he added ‘Wolfgang’ and I was deathly silent. (I didn’t mean to be so transparent….I was so taken aback I didn’t have the wherewithal to gush diplomatically). He was so proud of all the HWHW- ness of the name I felt like I had punched him in the gut with my lack of enthusiasm. After Harrison was born– I was still feeling bad about my reaction, so I wrote a little storyboard of a book celebrating the letters H and W.”

Harrison has some fun while he’s waiting for….well, I shouldn’t tell you – you should read the book! These are some fun activities Harrison, and your children, might enjoy:

Planting Seeds. Want to grow a tomato? Start with a Tomato slice and a Paper Cup. Plant it outside about 10 days later. For younger kids, here’s a simple activity to plant seeds.

Acorn Hopscotch. We have all played hopscotch, and here’s another variation, that incorporates exercise. Or, let their imagination run wild! Instead of numbering from 1 – 10 and rectangular boxes, maybe they draw a huge circle, with circles within, and use letters, characters or emojis instead of numbers. More fun to hop in circles than in a straight line!

Magic Wand – like Harry Potter. Here is a You Tube video on how to make a DIY magic wand – no hot glue gun needed! It all starts with paper.

Words in Chalk. While the kids are busy with hopscotch, grab some chalk and write some words, with a missing letter, like below. And add in your child’s name, or favorite place or toy. Then they can guess the missing letters. You could also play Hangman for kids. H_PPY, W_ND, HER_, HOU_S, W_IT, HUN_RY, W_GON

Jump Rope. Great exercise, and if you have forgotten some of the oldie but goodie jumping rhymes, here they are!

Make some music with a homemade harmonica.

Enjoy these activities with your children! Check out Missy Hagen’s website at


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