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Take two dedicated readers. Make one an English major with a serious knack for spotting solid writing. Make the other a former magazine / book editor with years of hands-on experience. The result is the team that founded Cresting Wave Publishing.

Meet the Team

Watch out. This team takes their jobs very seriously. And themselves not a whit.

Vital Comments


“Oh to be a kid again, and dream of being in the wild lands of mythical adventures! My niece is going to love this book.”

Sunshine Ink, Amazon Reader Review

The Wonders of the Peculiar Parasol

“Upbeat, interesting and inspiring: IQ plus EQ (emotional quotient) plus the secret sauce of Ambition adds up to success. This book highlights the power of persevering.”

DeeDee, Amazon Reader Review

Ambition: The Missing Attribute in Your Employees

“A guide to Buddha and Zen emphasizes accessibility above all … The underlying message—that everybody can find enlightenment—shines through and makes the book genuinely intriguing.”

Kirkus Reviews

Buddha is a Greeter at Walmart

Life Between the Tigers will confuse, perplex, amaze, and just possibly point toward the path to enlightenment, and is enthusiastically recommended – especially for anyone intrigued by Zen Buddhism.”

Midwest Book Review

Life Between the Tigers


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