How to Draw Readers in by Knowing Your Audience

By Tayyaba Batool

As a writer, the most significant challenge is drawing your readers in. In these days of information technology, when the world has turned into a global village, it has become trickier to target your audience. The reason lies in the fact that there is a lot of written material and many ways to get entertained. One can watch a movie by going nowhere and sitting in your comfort zone on the internet. You may also enjoy the music of your choice as songs from worldwide are available with just a single click. So, in this dynamic world of literature and entertainment, why should one pay attention to your piece of writing? It depends entirely upon you.

Know your audience. Before starting your novel or any other piece of writing, you must differentiate between the general audience and the specific audience, based on their interest in your narrative. However, your specific target audience may be based on the genre audience that should be based on the different demographic characters such as age, gender, and social class. It needs a little research into the group of people you are going to target.

What makes a piece of writing gripping depends upon the innovative message it conveys to the readers. You may add the essence of your message in your narrative in one or the other way. Through this, you can draw your readers into the core of your narrative. It will also encourage them to read more and explore the in-depth meaning of your message. But, before figuring out your message, you must have a clear understanding of your purpose. You must ask yourself questions like, why am I writing this story/novel/fiction/article? What do I want to convey through this narrative?

Characters are the most important part of a novel or a story. Characters are the ones about whom the readers care the most. Introducing characters through a compelling tone will help drawing them to find out more and more about the characters. The way you present their personality, styles, reactions to different situations, etc., is the best you draw your readers in. The way you present them may help the readers relate the situations of the characters with their real-life situations.
Artistic use of imagery is another best way you may draw the attention of your readers so they simply cannot escape from reading your narrative. Along with this, you may also conceal some information to increase suspense and curiosity. A combination of interest through imagery and suspense by hiding some information will draw readers’ attention.


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