10 Nifty Ways to Thrill Your Writer for Christmas

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10 Nifty Ways to Thrill Your Writer for Christmas

10 Nifty Ways to Thrill Your Writer for Christmas

It is thirteen days till Christmas and perhaps you’re in a mild panic that you haven’t found the “right” (or “write”) present for the writer in your life.

Sure, you can certainly go to the store and buy some practical gift such as a weighted blanket, silk sheets, a trendy t-shirt, an ergonomic pillow, specialty plates, real silverware or funky socks. But that just seems…..generic. And none of that seems to truly apply to a writer!

Get a little creative! A few of these options below are found on Etsy.  And some of them are free or inexpensive. Just take a little bit of your time.

  1. Write a letter from the heart, on paper, in your own handwriting. There is something tangible about thinking about what you’re going to write and putting pen to paper. Maybe your writer has inspired you in ways they do not know – so tell them! Or let them know what you think of their writing. Maybe they need inspiration to “soldier on” and need to know they can count on you to give them feedback. (Of course, you could certainly type your letter faster on your computer, but that is impersonal). And, who wouldn’t love to receive a personal letter that you took the time to write? No electronics needed, unless you’d like to refer to some writing guidelines.
  2. Writers always need a place to jot down their thoughts and ideas. What better way than to purchase a handmade leather journal? The colored gemstone and brass latch on the cover of this particular journal gives it an other-worldly antique feel. There are 240 pages (120 sheets) within. As an extra bonus, include a handful of post-it notes with writing prompts scattered throughout the journal for the writer to find over the next couple of months.
  3. Gift them a Calligraphy Pen Set. This set includes a wooden pen, 1 glass dip pen, p pen holder, 6 nibs, 5 colors dip ink. The wooden dip pen is handcrafted, made from rosewood and stainless-steel nib. Comes in a beautiful gift box, with an exquisite design, antique style and is a perfect gift for beginner.
  4. If your writer lives in a cold zone, perhaps some fingerless Little House on the Prairie writing gloves? Live the romance of the homesteading life with these ultra-soft writing gloves featuring text from the first book of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s classic Little House on the Prairie series: Little House in the Big Woods. Ma and Pa would be proud! Each pair of Storiarts writing gloves is created from American-made 100% cotton knit fabric. The open palm circumference is about 8″ and the arm band is about 7″ around.
  5. Send your writer to a writer’s conference, such as the The Desert Nights, Rising Stars Writers Conference in February 2020. It is two days of literary craft, culture, and community presented by the Virginia G. Piper Center for Creative Writing at Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona. There might be a writer’s conference closer to your home or even abroad, that may be more appealing.
  6. Or your writer and their family may want to attend the Bay Area Book Festival in Berkeley, California in May 2020. Features nearly 300 leading authors during keynotes, interviews and panels. Over 230 literary exhibitors fill the streets. The nonprofit festival also features a large kids’ stage and other family activities. The festival presents a major outdoor library/public art installation made of 50,000 books, which the public can take for free.
  7. How about giving them a Character Development Printable Pack? They can use the five detailed pages of questions to write down information they don’t want to forget, learn more about their character, and even draw what a character looks like! These sheets are perfect for any stage and type of writing. The Character Package includes: FRONT PAGE – A place to write down the basics. PERSONALITY PAGE – Includes everything from likes/dislikes to Myer-Briggs type! HISTORY PAGE – Write down a backstory and different memories. RELATIONSHIPS PAGE – Partner? Best Friend? Enemy? Write those down. APPEARANCE PAGE – This page comes with a space to draw their character!
  8. Acknowledge your writer. Purchase one or more of these fabulous key fobs. Choose between five different Achievement Unlocked key fobs: became an author, wrote a book, wrote a book series, killed off main character, and became a bestseller. The leather key fob has been burned freehand with a pyrographic wood burner and fastened with a double cap antique bronze rivet. A matching antique bronze split key ring is attached to the bottom to hold keys. The leather strap is easy to hold, making it convenient to carry around while also helping to avoid losing your keys.
  9. Take your writer to an extended fancy meal out. And while there, be the reporter and interview them. What made them interested in writing? What (or who) continues to inspire them to write? Maybe it was the stories they heard as a child from a favorite aunt or uncle, or the grandparent who could easily spin a tale. Keep your notes, or the audio, for when they become a famous writer. You can say you knew them when, and it might even launch your own writing adventure!
  10. How about a Scavenger Hunt? Small group or large. There are several companies to choose from, including https://www.scavengerhunt.com/. They’ve got your adventure covered. Explore your city, solve riddles, and complete photo challenges to earn points and get on their leaderboard in one of their 300+ cities in 27 countries! Their adventures have a 4.8+ star rating on Facebook, Google, and the App Store!

You have some ideas, now run with it! A personal touch is always warranted and well received. And if you have ideas you’d like to share, don’t be shy. Leave a comment!